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  1. Reflecting
  2. Seasons Passing
  3. Heard Your Voice
  4. Mamma Denies It
  5. To The Fullest
  6. Born Suspicious
  7. Hard Truth
  8. Couldn't Get Any Better
  9. Wild At Heart
  10. Sleeping in a Van
  11. Along the River's Edge
  12. All is Love
  13. Born All Over Again


  1. Rock
  2. Sweet Girl of Mine
  3. Honest John's Wood
  4. Details
  5. When Less Bad Happens
  6. Prepare To Hold Her Heart
  7. Hard Shot
  8. Love Finds A Way
  9. Life Is Too Short
  10. Whiskey Joe
  11. Hasn't Gotten To The Face Yet
  12. Billy Got Silly
  13. Can't Throw It
  14. Plenty Of Love

Twice is Nice

  1. Wrong Side of Empty
  2. Honest Man
  3. It's Not About Leaving
  4. You Bring Shine to Me
  5. Back up the Train
  6. Don't Have to Go Out (The Same Way You Came In)
  7. When the Soot Hit the Fan
  8. Plan to Be Surprised
  9. Drought
  10. Twice is Nice
  11. Explode
  12. Crash and Burn
  13. Saugatuk

It's Really Not That Complicated

  1. Vera
  2. You're In It
  3. Dangerous Place
  4. Complicated
  5. Just a Bend in the Road
  6. Can't Save Everything
  7. Yellow House
  8. Doing the Little Things Right
  9. Little Here, Little There
  10. Big Enough
  11. Born to Suffer
  12. Nobody Stays in Love Anymore
  13. Making Good Time
  14. Hush My Foolish Heart

Where You Gonna Let Your Hair Down

Disk 1

  1. When you're Gone
  2. Far Enough
  3. Where you gonna Let your Hair Down?
  4. One Step
  5. Diamond in my Heart
  6. Sunny California
  7. Talk our Hearts Out
  8. Beautiful Face
  9. Contact

Disk 2

  1. I Can't Add a Thing
  2. Pieces
  3. Allowing Love to do Wonders
  4. Old Man Whistling
  5. Just at the Right Time
  6. Make Space for Me
  7. Second Time Around
  8. Breaking the Stare of the Snake
  9. It's Not an Easy Life

Happy House

  1. Loves Leaves No Choice
  2. Sweet Release
  3. From Bitter to Sweet
  4. Happy House
  5. Where I Belong
  6. When the Flame Flickers
  7. Let It Rain Over Me
  8. To Say Good-Bye
  9. If Not Love
  10. Great Silence
  11. Don't Lose Heart
  12. Twinkling of an Eye
  13. Nine Karat Diamond
  14. Waiting to be Wanted
  15. Language of the Heart
  16. Human

Big Heart

  1. Dress Up In Love
  2. Like No Other Day
  3. Big Heart
  4. That Is Enough
  5. Broken Dream
  6. Best Part of Me
  7. You Make My Heart Beat Stronger
  8. Another Summer With Ivan
  9. Like a Whisper
  10. Righteous Man
  11. Cannot Tame the Tongue
  12. Deep End

Begin Again

  1. Face of Love
  2. Waiting for You
  3. Celebrate Love
  4. Making Every Move Count
  5. Love Always Wins
  6. Beautiful Color
  7. Kick the Dust Off Your Shoes
  8. Salvation's Plan
  9. A Powerful Love
  10. Anything Good
  11. Look a Little Closer
  12. Tempted But Not Fallen
  13. Your Love Compels Me To Change
  14. By Faith

A little About Nick

Nick's musical influences have been diverse. Being raised in a bi-cultural environment exposed him to the genre of Traditional Ukrainian Folk Songs, with its alluring minor modes and sweet melodies. Additionally, his intellect was stimulated and his spirit moved by the beautiful liturgy emanating from the Orthodox Church.

Through the years his musical pursuits have taken him to performing "Rock and Roll", Gospel, Folk, and Bluegrass. Today his contemporary style of Folk Music is an amalgam of all these musical types, and yet distinct and individualized in its presentation. His songs paint a landscape of the multiple dimensions of the human condition as well as expressing empathy with its commonality.

Nick has been musically active for over 30 years, and his songs reflect the peaks and valleys, and everything in between, along life's journey. Also, his work as a psychotherapist interacts with that artist within, often adding to the counseling repertoire and enriching the moment.

Recent Feedback

Nick Ivanovich is in tune with the human melody and understands the rhythms and dissonance that are present in our milieu. Each song is a journey worth traveling, and his turns of phrase will become trusted friends.
— Danny Wright

Nick Ivanovich is an amazing folk guitar player who has skillfully mastered his way through contemporary folk music with a touch of rock. Each track on Reflecting offers a crisp and creative musical drive with a soft sound of heartfelt lyrics. My favorite tracks on the album include Reflecting, Heard your Voice and Along the River's Edge. If you are looking for a pleasing sound that will continuously remind you of warm spring colors thriving through a harsh winter, then this is the album for you. I highly recommend Reflecting for any fan of folk music or Nick Ivanovich.
— Kensley Lewis

Nick combines familiar imagery with heavy themes such as chaos, love and redemption to emphasize it is often the simple moments in life that most alter us. The guitars soothe like a lullaby, sway the listener with gentle picking to leave the listener sometimes surprised by the layered punches of intuitive emotion rising from each song. At times a sound so light you can’t help but roll into the easy going atmosphere reminiscent of a circle of friends parlaying on the beach, met with an intensity of lyric and thought that singles out the struggle if accepting human experience. Moments of gratitude and heart break coalesce the soft intensity to represent any number of soulful moments the listener may know in life. Perhaps finding a place where real life meets the dreams we have for it.
— Rockwell Sexton

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